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Aman'Thul (PvE)

Welcome to the Musket Ears Website.

Musket Ears are an Alliance guild on Aman'Thul Server and are a casual raiding guild. We aim to have a very high standard of raiders without the long raid times and compulsory attendance required from core raid guilds. We are a mature guild but generally have a light hearted approach to raiding, we believe it is possible to play at your best and progress without having someone yelling or QQing.

If you are a player obsessed with loot and you are only interested in raiding for the upgrades then please look to another guild.
Musket Ears are a progression guild and loot is a bonus when the progression is sucessful, not the be all and end all!

Musket Ears do not tolerate harassment, abuse or bullying of other players, this has no place in this guild.

We do not guarantee raid spots as due to the nature of casual raiding, but note that it is a VERY rare occurance that people are sat out.

Musket Ears Leadership Team comes from a raiding background, some from a heavy PVP background, and are always here to lend a hand or answer any class, raid or pvp related questions.
If you like the sound of the Guild Go to the Guild recruitment tab and send us an email.


Other Guild News

Grean Logs

Evilwink, Mar 20, 13 6:55 AM.

Team Blue Status (You Tube Link)

Kraum_pally, Jan 6, 13 12:48 AM.
Greetings all,
Just a quick update on the Team Blue from the Musket Ears. In Mogu'Shan Vaults Team Blue has progressed to the 4th Boss known as "The Spirit Kings." With the addition of FRAPS and a viable internet connection we were able to capture the progression. For your viewing pleasure check out the link below and enjoy.


The Stone Guards Boss

Evilwink, Oct 6, 12 10:42 PM.

Library and Professions Library Updated

Evilwink, Sep 24, 12 7:57 AM.


World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Round-Up

Evilwink, Sep 22, 12 8:44 AM.

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